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Our mission is to maintain an uncompromised standard of service and professional ethics to the clients and candidates we serve. We are dedicated to professional excellence and uphold a resolved commitment to our clients and candidates. We recognize that Murray Associates’ success is dependent on their success. We strive to help people like no other management consulting and search firm in the world.



Service is the cornerstone of our business philosophy; it is what we do best. We know this because our clients repeatedly tell us about the success they experienced as the result of our work together. We believe great service comes from the heart and developing long-term relationships with the clients we serve is how we built our reputation. Therefore, we make it our business to understand your business. When you become a Murray Associates’ client, we want to know your business philosophy, organizational structure, and management style. Once we know you and the most important criteria you are seeking we can fulfill your immediate needs. Following that, we can discuss your strategic plans and project for the future and service you on an ongoing, exclusive basis.



Murray Associates knows that your family, health and career is of utmost importance to you. When the need arises for you to consult with us, we will personally meet with you to understand your background, career trajectory and goals. As we get to know you personally and professionally, the firm will assist you with career planning, interview coaching and the organization of short-term goals and long-range objectives. We will evaluate your strengths and career plans for the immediate future and then project out five to ten years. Career transition is generally not about the career move you make today, but the options we will help you discover as we work together to enhance your professional success and personal satisfaction. Murray Associates’ accounting and financial industry savvy allows us to anticipate the marketplace and the right career move for the individual candidate, whether it is in public accounting or the private sector. We will assist you in the preparation of professional and marketable resumes and proactively introduce you to our extensive client base: this is one of our greatest strengths. We will also target new companies in which you have a stated interest. Murray Associates has effectively ended the era of solitary and ineffective professional searches.


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